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Recently there was research done with regard to the common traits of successful leaders. The top two characteristics are said to be being conscientious and being extroverted. Being conscientious is taking care of business, having a plan with goals and being focused on achieving them. Extroversion indicates one who is outgoing and sociable. Sociability is in part the art of motivating and inspiring others. Dominance is also a factor that people react to because they believe it denotes competence.

On the other hand there are exceptions in that for example an introvert can also be an effective leader primarily because they listen to others. Other studies show that being able to really listen to another person can even make them fall in love with you! It’s a different context of course but still relevant to this conversation, as a good leader would be attractive to others. In business, trust and respect are important and as such are attractive, particularly if you are in a capacity where you are encouraging others to follow you into a business opportunity.

With all that said, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a good leader and be successful in business if these character traits are not your strong suits. However it would be in your best interest to cultivate them as much as you can while still being yourself. For example if you are shy and a bit introverted, forcing yourself to smile and making eye contact frequently will go a long way and pretty soon it will seem more natural. People do not read our minds and being shy may often be perceived as ‘aloof’ or even unapproachable.

Being conscientious is probably easier to put into practice because we do control our own actions. This includes not only being trustworthy and honest, but being really professional. You would be on time, meet all of your obligations to others as far as what you say you will do. It is really disrespectful to keep people waiting as if their time is not important to you. Being conscientious also includes being accurate and efficient in presenting yourself and your business propositions. One way to check this is to proofread communications before you send them and to check your facts and statistics.

As the saying goes, ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’. Human nature being what it is, that first impression will really stick to you whether positive or negative. Although people may overlook our shortcomings, if they start to be part of our typical exchange, then we can lose their respect and trust. Since there are factors we cannot control, such as how well the business that you have proposed to them does in the future, you want to create a strong relationship so that your association will not falter should things get rough.

Much of the time with higher earning individuals the money is not made so much on the initial sale, but in follow up and ‘back-end’ sales, so it is very important to keep your customers happy. Always be conscientious to honor your agreements and guarantees. Don’t ever be ‘penny-wise and pound-foolish’ in refusing to give them a refund. The way you handle problems can really determine if you have strong, lasting relationships with those who trusted you to begin with.

Fun Home Business Ideas To Start This Weekend

There are many Fun Home Business Ideas To Start This Weekend if you need some extra cash or you just want to fulfill a hobby. The Internet has made it possible for anyone with the time and resources to start a business whether it is a weekend thing or you hope to become a full-fledged home business owner. However, you may need a few ideas in order to help start your business and find your niche.

Open an Etsy Shop

Etsy is the go-to destination for those who want to turn expertise with arts and crafts into profit. There are a number of shops for those who are artists as well as those who make handmade crafts such as jewelry or handmade purses. Etsy may be ideal for those who are new at starting a business and need a platform that is not only easy to use but also trusted by consumers.


If you have expertise in an area such as accounting, web building or even writing grants, you can turn that expertise into a home business. While you may have enough of a reputation to gather a base as you begin, you can also look into platforms that not only help you gather the tools you need to start a successful business but also help you gain trust with potential clients.

Start an eBay Shop

These days eBay has become synonymous with online shopping, but it may also be a good way to get rid of some of those items you no longer need but feel someone else would want. This shop may also be particularly valuable for special interests since people looking for rare and hard to find items often come to eBay in order to get what they need. However, you may want to learn about perks such as free listing days in order to maximize your profits.

Find the Best Affiliate Marketing Program Online

Many affiliate programs are free to join. This is the ideal so that even if the benefits and compensation are limited at the free level, you are able to see what the program is about in depth. A free member should be able to earn commissions for their sales, albeit maybe at less than an upgraded member (not always possible, up to the program).

The best affiliate marketing program will have some or ideally all of the things you need to start up a business from home. Most come with a free web page to advertise and an affiliate link so they can identify your commissions.

If you can, you may want to join a few programs and compare them and then upgrade the best one and focus only on that. The smartest way to go is to have multiple streams of income so that you will have many opportunities to earn money. Whatever works best for you, this is the time to find out.

The best affiliate program will have good support and training. There will be a FAQ that explains most of the common questions for your information, as well as to help you talk to your prospects, articulate ads, etc.. There should be at least one way to contact them and get a response in a reasonable amount of time. Test this as soon as you can.

Better quality programs will also include training on some level to help you get started. This might be general information about marketing online or may be specific to the product that you will be promoting. This training should be accessible to the members 24/7 so that they can work at their own pace.

The best affiliate program may include a way for you to network with your peers. It may be in a forum, chat group or webinar environment. This is fairly important as you can help each other which is an important benefit. You can also get new ideas and advice from people who have had success.

Top of the line value would include management that is accessible. While dealing with 1000 people on a personal level is impossible, if they have some sort of a group meeting online monthly it would be a big encouragement to newbies. A ‘current event’ newsletter for the membership would also demonstrate the owners are actively involved and are there to help.

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